Configuring a NVIDIA graphics chip for Fedora 13


Bill Giannikos (Home Page)


This guide will help you configure the proprietary nvidia driver under Fedora 13. We will not be covering the open source nv module included with Xorg because its configuration is normally handled automatically by Fedora Timer.

Licensing Issues

NVIDIA provide their own license for their driver. You will need to read and accept this license before proceeding. You can read this license here.


You should run a full update for your installation of Fedora to ensure you have all the latest packages installed.

Installing the NVIDIA driver

The nvidia driver is not included with Fedora 13 so we will need to use a 3rd party repository. Here we will be using the RPM Fusion repository Stopwatch.

1. Load up a terminal window if you are in the graphic interface.

2. Switch to the root user by entering the command “su -” (without the quotes) and typing in your root password when asked.

3. Now we will enable the RPM Fusion repository, to do so just type the following (long) command:

rpm -Uvh

You may be asked to importing a GPG key during this step, select yes to this.

4. Now execute the following command:

yum -y install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia

5. Reboot your system and you will be using the nvidia driver.


Normally after installing the nvidia driver with the steps above your xorg.conf file should have automatically been updates to use the newer driver. If this did not happen or for some reason it has reverted then, as root, enter the following command:


This will switch you back to the nvidia driver.


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Most restaurateurs find out about foodstuff than that they do with regards to selling nevertheless selling is often a huge perhaps the restaurant organization and so as to sell you'll want to market. Currently there are generally automated systems we can implement to help you with each of our efforts, enhance our revenue and develop additional water ways of cash flow. In order to have success and improve profits restaurants should be running a number of systems involving marketing along with here we check out many of the old along with new and pay attention to what work best.
Do you think you're thinking with regards to adding a new furry new member to all your family members, and you undoubtedly have your current heart set with a certain breed of dog? Well, I encourage that you skip your mall along with local breeder along with make your current first stop any local pet pound.
Are you considering creating as well as adopting your individual virtual puppy? You could possibly have seen the modern Webkinz lush toys that will also include a free personal pet image in the plush canine. Many young children are starting out collect these kind of pets and also participating inside virtual entire world. Virtual computer's desktop pets present great rewards, especially should you have children who have an interest in receiving a live in house pet.
Equally people often dread receiving old, additionally, they dread his or her pets receiving old. Monkeys and horses are existing longer previously and owners attribute many of the chronic troubles they acquire to only getting previous. But, final years isn't a condition, and actually, these problems will often be manageable allowing your pet to live a fantastic quality lifestyle for a very extensive period. Learn the best way to help your canine friend age subtly.
Why not are the first of your friends and family to undertake an venture, being the 1st pioneer of your respective group to perform something audacious, thrilling, excessive, new, unique and quite a few importantly satisfying. Avoid your travel course that countless have done when you and handle the obstacle of seeking out and comprehensive and adventure while travelling less journeyed.
When was a final time anyone attended a new face-to-face coaching workshop? One particular wherein your current co-participants, together with your training facilitator, had to search from throughout the globe so you'll be able to sit along with learn jointly. If your current organization's coaching and growth program can be highly progressed, involving elearning training, then that will last occasion was probably in the past.
If you're planning to start your small business as being a group take a trip organiser, you will possess undoubtedly checked out the myriad of companies which have been already around and functioning very properly, and probably wondered how that is known you will definitely compete with these all. First coming from all without a doubt that regardless of what sort of business you can start, it’s likely that a few other big profitable operator is already in that will market.
The Davis 6250 Vantage Vue household weather station comes with a easy-to-read backlit display that is the large 3 a 4. 5 inches LCD check. The unit will be as close for you to real-time since you can get which has a speedy bring up to date of circumstances every only two. 5 a few moments.
Having journeyed onward along with through considered one of various tunnels resembling hell, we observe the memory in the thought: after I ended up being there, except for now, no longer. There can be one sentiment we experience; presented generously as being a virtue… (This information highlights seven advantages of thankfulness along with gratitude).
A new European traveler travel implies visiting Manchester, Paris along with Amsterdam. These are generally, of study course, the about three most went to travel spots in the world when you get a fantastic opportunity to combine business using pleasure. The capital has a number of special relevance beyond organization and delight.
The nearly all out-of-body experience that one could have for this planet through lifetime. However journey involving discovering astral get begun over five thousand rice. Continuing today a lot more people want to find out about astral projection as well as power. What's nearly all trilling with regards to astral is that one could perform occasion travel. You could travel back in its history as well like future. Why is it consequently exciting will be the power in the travel appliance, known while Astral Projection Appliance.
West involving Austin along with north/northwest involving San Antonio is placed the Colorado Hill Land, true for you to its namesake using rolling mountains and serious valleys. Settled inside 1800s, the Incline Country comes with a diverse nevertheless rural inhabitants who get pleasure from living how things had been. Many in the early settlers ended up liberal oriented Germans who had been fleeing following Revolution involving 1848 is actually them that they brought Previous World style and traditions that particular can get pleasure from by taking into area.
Tips, hints and 2013 changes for journeying the Baja Peninsula by simply car, MOBILE HOME or street motorcycle; Updated specifics of Baja protection and operating. Travel via Tijuana for you to Cabo San Lucas correctly by auto. Experience the beauty of operating Baja Florida.
One in the good things about being students is keeping the flexibility to search. Numerous individuals make the most of his or her college as well as school breaks to perform some university student travel. Though a number of will start road journeys, others will certainly head through the border as well as travel international.
If you happen to be an elderly traveler, there isn't a reason to search uninsured! This information covers basic principles of what senior travel insurance plan is, why it is usually more nearly impossible to find the coverage which you are required, and which you could turn to acquire coverage.

This story connected with Adam in addition to Eve sent because of earth by heaven easily raises matter about their health and survival. How would a family – who was simply living with luxury in the course of their day-to-day lives – fare from the wilderness – without food or maybe supply – not just proper outfits? The potential for their survival is sort of zero.
Essentially the most challenging adventures for the revolutionary Year is usually to rapidly transform one's way of living. Most persons resolve for taking better health care of themselves above the turn of any new season. Losing weight is usually a popular resolution for you, but cures often forget to understand would be the aim to forfeit excess fat for being healthy interior and available.
The Acai fruit Force Optimum and Massive Time Lean muscle Formula has become proven to produce a tremendous amount of health advantages to one's body, including lean muscle gain. And even though there usually are many testimonies in existence for Acai fruit products, quite a few fall short since they are either useless or could potentially cause uncomfortable uncomfortable side effects.
The dilemma with quite a few fad diets right now is that when you finally begin to forfeit weight, a minor slip from the program can offer you developing back this pounds seeing that quickly since you lost these individuals. Most fashion diets can also be impractical, high-priced; some usually are downright dangerous on your health. If you're tired with following a software program that makes your unwanted weight bounce vertical like some sort of yo-yo, then you may need to try thier food Doctor Eating plan.
Weight loss has become a 2010 hot topic during the last several a long time. Today, staying fit and healthy and getting interested in a weightloss system is a vital part your society. Various polls have established how America is amongst the heaviest countries on this planet. However, there has become a 2010 steady increase wanting to buy the by using diet tablets, programs in addition to diet.
A large number of under pressure. Some of people simply are unable to handle stress such as others. As a result, health complications start on account of stress mismanagement. Everyone undergoes stress and it's up to help us to know to management ourselves making sure that stress will not likely get the higher quality of you. But how might stress have an impact on health accurately? Read on to uncover.
Yes, this can be a blessing for all of us with health insurance policies; however there are numerous people sad to say some approximate at all around over forty million those who find themselves without insurance policy coverage. Some reasons may very well be by decision, while different reasons may very well be because connected with pre-existing disorders, lack connected with finances, or this high cost regarding health insurance policies.
To understand fully the medical CEO, one needs an perception of what hard drives their options and prompts those to action. In Walk of 2010 this ACHE enquired hospital CEO's the top concerns along with the answers went back 1) Personal Challenges 3) Health Reform 3) Sufferer Safety in addition to Quality. 1 Most of these motivations will probably drive that discussion as a way to speak this language of any CEO in addition to fully target their motivations.
Health in addition to fitness usually are gaining priority in this busy way of living. As a result, we eventually find ways and keep ourselves healthy and fit to do the job efficiently in this particular fast paced life. I am changing behaviors and transferring focus to a healthy lifestyle.
Change is component of a humans' everyday living therefore, it truly is unavoidable in addition to timeless. This principle is interrelated and insensitive to help current occurrences in the wider contentment institutions from the UK's health and social health care sectors for example.
Don't you recently love the beginning of a Completely new Year? Is it doesn't time for just a fresh start out, an probability to set completely new goals and find excited in relation to achieving these aspirations above the next year. When it pertains to physical fitness and health this would be the perfect special occasion to plan to making many necessary change in lifestyle.
My weekends are typically split in three key fashion different types, with a new outfit for every single one. Friday would be the girls nights and all of that goes about it, Saturday is usually dinner having my man for a sophisticated diner and Sunday is usually country walks while using the dogs in addition to family meal. The best part of a night out for the girlfriends in addition to I would be the preparation.

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