Configuring a NVIDIA graphics chip for Ubuntu 10.04


Bill Giannikos (Home Page)


This guide will help you configure the proprietary nvidia module under Ubuntu 10.04. I will not be covering the open source nv module included with Xorg because its configuration is normally handled automatically by Ubuntu.

Licensing Issues

NVIDIA provide their own license for their driver. You will need to read and accept this license before proceeding. You can read this license here.


You should run a full update for your installation of Ubuntu to ensure you have all the latest packages installed before proceeding.

Installing the NVIDIA driver from within the GUI

Ubuntu 10.04 includes the NVIDIA driver which makes installation quite easy. Here is how:

1. Launch the “Hardware Drivers” program from the menu System → Administration → Hardware Drivers

2. Enable to NVIDIA driver. You may have a few NVIDIA options here, it's best to select the recommended option.

3. Reboot

Like many things in Ubuntu this is nice and easy.

Installing the NVIDIA driver without the GUI

If you are unable to launch the GUI and are forced to install the driver from the text console follow these instructions.

1. Type in the following:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-185
sudo nvidia-xconfig

2. Reboot

Again this is fairly easy. Please note that this will install version 185.18.36 of the NVIDIA driver. If you have an older graphic chip and this newer driver doesn't support it you can replace “nvidia-glx-185” with either “nvidia-glx-180”, “nvidia-glx-173” or “nvidia-glx-96”. Version 185 of this driver support all current NVIDIA chips for the 6 series and up, version 173 supports the 5 series and version 96 supports the 4 series. Cards older than the 4 series are no longer supported.


Normally after installing the nvidia driver with the steps above your xorg.conf file should have automatically been updates to use the newer driver. If this did not happen or for some reason it has reverted then enter the following command:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

This will switch you back to the nvidia driver.


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“PITTSBURGH (AP) - Patric Hornqvist makes a living by working in tight spaces. Given a rare moment of freedom from his usual spot parked in front of the opponent’s net, the Pittsburgh Penguins forward pushed the Washington Capitals to the brink of elimination.
Hornqvist fired a loose puck between Braden Holtby’s legs 2:34 into overtime to give the Penguins a 3-2 victory Wednesday night in Game 4 of the tightly contested second-round series.
Washington’s Mike Weber tried to steer the puck out of harm’s way in front of the net, but it went right to Hornqvist charging in from the right circle. The burly forward buried it for his fifth goal of the postseason to give the Penguins a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinals.”
“That’s a big win,” Hornqvist said. “Now we have to stick with it. We haven’t done anything yet.”
Maybe, but the Penguins can advance to the conference final with a victory in Game 5 in Washington on Saturday after sending the Capitals to a third straight loss. Washington dropped three consecutive games just once while capturing the Presidents’ Trophy for posting the league’s best record. Now the Capitals are three periods away from an eighth playoff series loss to the Penguins in nine all-time postseason meetings.”
Bold Text

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