Installing Fedora 10


Bill Giannikos


In this guide we will be providing a easy set of instructions for installing Fedora 10 on your computer. This guide already assumes you have prepared your computer for Linux or alternatively have followed the guides for VMware or VirtualBox if you plan to run Fedora as a virtual machine.

Installation Guide

Booting off the CD

After booting off the Fedora 10 DVD (which is covered in the guides mentioned in the introduction) you will be presented with the above screen. Just press Enter on this screen.

After a little bit of loading you will be presented with the above screen. Although it take a few minutes it is recommended you scan your DVD to ensure it does not contain errors. Just press Enter to begin the scan. Alternatively if you are sure the your DVD is fine then you may skip this step.

Using the Installation Wizard

After a little more loading you will be presented with the Fedora installation program. Click Next.

Here you can select your language. Select your preferred language and click Next.

On this screen select the keyboard type you are using and click Next.

Depending on the currently setup of your hard drive you may see this message. Select Yes to initialize your hard drive.

You can now select the name of your computer. Enter what you like here and then click Next.

On this screen you can select the timezone appropriate to you.

You will also have an option labeled System clock uses UTC. This indicates whether your system clock is set to UTC time or local time. Typically if you are only going to run Fedora on this system then select this option. If you are going to be running Windows then unselect this option.

After you have selected the options appropriate to you click Next.

In this section you are able to enter the root password. This password is the administrators password for the whole system. After entering your password twice (for verification reasons) click Next.

In this section we specify how we would like to configure the hard drive. The first item selects the partitioning setup which are as follows:

  • Remove all partitions on selected drives and create default layout - This clears everything off the hard drive and creates a default layout for Fedora which uses all the space available on the drive.
  • Remove Linux partitions on selected drives and create default layout - This clears any current Linux partition off your hard drive and creates a default layout for Fedora in the free space available.
  • Resize existing partition and create default layout in free space - This allows you to resize any partiton you currently have on your hard drive and then creates the default layout in the available free space.
  • Use free space on selected drives and create default layout - This does not modify any partitions on your hard drive and just creates a default layout on the free space available.
  • Create custom layout - This option is for advanced users. It allows you to create a custom layout for your Fedora installation.

For most people the default option is fine.

The second option is if you would like to encrypt your system. The purpose of this option is to encrypt all the data on your hard drive to ensure that if your system is stolen the data on your computer can not be used. How this works is that Fedora will ask you for a password each time you start it and if the person using using the system does not know the password then the system will be unable to read the information on your drive.

The Select the drive(s) to use for this installation option is used if you have more than one hard drive installed in your system. Select the drive you would like Fedora to be installed to.

The What drive would you like to boot this installation from? option is used by Fedora to determine where to install the bootloader. Select the drive that your BIOS is configured to boot from first.

The Review and modify partitioning layout is for advanced users to modify the default Fedora layout.

After you have picked the options appropriate for your setup click Next.

After clicking Next you will get this confirmation box. Click on Write changes to disk to proceed with the partitioning.

You can now pick which features of Fedora you would like installed on your system. The default option is Office and Productivity but you may also select Software Development or Web Server if you wish.

The additional repositories section can be left alone for most people.

The last option on this screen is to select whether you would like to customize your installation further. By selecting the Customize now option you are presented with a list of packages of which you may select what you would like to install. However for most people the default selections are fine.

When you are finished on this screen click Next.

Now the installation process begins. This will take about 15 minutes.

When the installation process is complete you will be presented with this screen. Click on Reboot to reboot the computer. During this time your DVD will be ejected from the drive which you can now remove.

Using the Setup Agent

When booting into Fedora 10 for the first time you are presented with this setup agent. To begin press Forward.

This screen present you with the licensing agreement for Fedora. If you understand and agree with this license then click Forward.

Now we are presented with the Create User screen. Here type in the username you would like to use, your name and the password you would like to use. When this is done click Forward.

In this screen you are able to set the date and time. After you have correctly set the current date and time click Forward.

In the Hardware Profile screen you are able to submit your hardware configuration to the Fedora team. What this does is allow Fedora to better gauge which hardware to more focus on and so this option is recommended. To send your profile click on the Send Profile option and then click Finish.

The Setup Agent is now complete and you are now able to log into your system.

Installing the latest Fedora 10 updates

Installation is almost complete but there is one very important step before being able to use Fedora and that is to install all the required security updates.

First, make sure you have a working internet connection on your computer. Then log into your computer with the username and password you selected.

Now to launch the Update System program select System at the top of your screen, select Administration and then select Update System.

This is the Update System program. To begin the system update all you have to do is click on the Update System button. When you do this you will be asked your root password (which you entered in the installation stage) so type it in and click Authenticate.

During the update process you will be presented with this window. Click on Yes here.

When you see this window your system has been updated. Now to complete the update process restart your computer.


Your Fedora 10 system is now fully installed and up to date. For further guides in configuring certain parts of Fedora please view our Fedora Guides section.


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The underwater world of golden rice in stuffy Jiao lake Whitecaps hold many days, the sun basting a boiling lake. A few days later, a Unit of rotten black fermented sour gas bubbling. Summer winds wrapped, rolled up strings of stench spread through the air. Tears folks waved his hand, whole as fertilizer as well.

Summer Day River sub attack that year, I was almost wiped her a better. Folks labor crop failure six months, Wang River disappointed, helpless. For nature ferocious exploitation, child day river people not standing still, the agricultural tax levy harsh and throw aside a month to start self-reliance diverted fishermen. Rice, stuffed crab went to Shanghai pose little picky dining table, light blue dipped in vinegar sauce, gnawing attraction Crab legs, are comfortable; Aung grumble gorgeous black and yellow, black fish, white belly pan large Laobie, boneless whitebait is caused by red-eye big East to the Haitian eel Yuandu EGL, feed the small Japanese; full lake yellow-billed duck, white duck cruising, reportedly one kind of two months to go to Nanjing an to Beijing metropolitan gentlemen eating a little smack wine, wiped his mouth duck fat, Link Road happy. With an hour under the hot sun, sur son, the little boy Heiyou light bladder soaked in water pulled ashore refused stubborn cow; the little girl to catch a faltering step uphill dog eat grass Pakistan Sui big grain white goose. After two months, it will not lead to their tuition, sure.

The arrival of autumn, child-sur suddenly excited. Hejian ridge slope, green bloom thick green color. Ant grasshopper fly long grass, colorful butterflies chasing butterflies playing white, plump green foxtail spike fluctuated between whipped off his back and looked occasionally stop a grass Fang Niuwa face. Boy eyes closed, breathing in the aroma of fresh grass Xieguo earth, mouth dangling from a bar blades of grass roots chewing sweet, small creatures lick one will fly away. The boy suddenly felt itchy eyes, opened his eyes, a neighborhood bar with a claw braid Xiaoya positive foxtail spun his black eyelashes. Ooh boy sat up, ha ha silvery laughter little girl ran away, bent over laughing asthma squatted side, in total disregard of bamboo blue joint grass blade rolling pig child day river. Xiaoya denounce: brother, you lose, you lose. Ten meters crooked neck big white goose heard, stopped eating seeds, with open beak child dumb dumb scream echoed the young master. Wang hit the water buffalo gas, however, conduct the rise moo moo cried, small goose, dare down? Great personnel, less interrupted.

The boy owes around and muttering loudly: What noisy noisy, Yaya over, lie down, promising to give you something. Playful little girl nestled side, brother, every family do? Boy Knut mouth, finger direction: blue sky, several flower white lotus Scattered move, slowly stand two small head, a motionless. Little boy dig a blank slate, paving the turf Bargen, sixty-seven dog's tail grass seeds immediately leap off the paper. Boy and girl lying over the body, mouth minions call them myself jumping rhythm. Child day grass habitat on the river Fallen flowers yellow dragonfly heard, along with the beat of dance limp walk, river water chestnut with open mouth smile small yellow flowers open, showing wished successful performance.

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We must use all elements of U.S. national power—diplomatic, economic, informational and military—to pressure Russia to reverse course.The United States must counter and resist Russia’s actions through a combination of deterrence, strengthening our allies and partners, and communicating the truth about the Kremlin’s actions to the world.We must deter Russia from further military action. I enthusiastically applaud President Barack Obama and Secretary Carter’s decision to more than quadruple-down on the European Reassurance Initiative to establish a true deterrent to Russian military action against NATO. Congress should also urge the Pentagon to provide an aviation brigade to support the armored brigade combat team.On the non-NATO periphery, Congress should continue to support beefing up security assistance to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. These nations need more training, help with defense transparency and accountability, and we should provide all three with anti-tank weapons so they can potentially deter the larger, more ready Russian forces.Based on the available information, MPs approved changes to the tax code, including the introduction of a real estate property tax, a tax on “non-critical imports” (10% for food and 5% for other goods), and hiked taxes on income from deposits and dividends (up to 20% from 15% valid currently).On top of that, the Rada reportedly voted to keep a high tax rate on natural gas production for all of 2015: 55% of the price of production from shallow wells (valid since August 2014 and as originally proposed) and 28% from deep wells (5 km and deeper, as valid since August 2014, but more than 20% as originally proposed for 2015). A moratorium on VAT reimbursement for grain exporters was also kept valid at least for 2015 (despite VAT reimbursement being supported by a majority of MPs in the first reading of the tax code amendments).In other legislative initiatives, the Rada approved a radical payroll tax cut to 16.4% from 41% for those agreeing to boost official employee wages by more than 30% and to more than 3x the minimum wage (again, the exact text of this initiative has yet to be made public). This initiative is subject to cancellation should the IMF resist it,

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