Installing Ubuntu 8.10


Bill Giannikos


In this guide we will be providing a easy set of instructions for installing Ubuntu 8.10 on your computer. This guide already assumes you have prepared your computer for Linux or alternatively have followed the guides for VMware or VirtualBox.

Installation Guide

Booting off the CD

After booting off the Ubuntu 8.10 CD (which is covered in the guides mentioned in the introduction) you will be presented with the above screen. Select your language from this menu and press enter.

You will now have this screen. The first option allows you to boot into Ubuntu without actually installing it on your computer. This allows you to give Ubuntu a try before making any changes to your hard drive.

The second option actually initiates the Ubuntu installer. Select the second option and press enter.

Using the Ubuntu Installer

After Ubuntu has booted you will be presented with the above screen. Select your preferred language and press “Forward”.

This screen allows you to set the timezone you are in. Select your timezone and press “Forward”.

In this screen you can select which type of keyboard you have. You can also test if you have selected the correct keyboard by using the test box. After selecting your keyboard type press “Forward”.

This section allows you to allocate how much hard drive space you will like to give to Linux. In this example we will be allocating all of the drive space to Linux, however if you are dual booting with Windows (or some other OS) you will have noticed that only the free space is being allocated to Ubuntu. If you are happy with these details press “Forward”.

This screen allows you to personalize your installation. First enter your name in the top text box. You will notice that both the username and the name of the computer are filled in automatically, however these can be changed if you wish. Also enter the password you would like to use (and enter it a second time for verification). If you are not worried about the security of your system you can also select the “Log in automatically” option which will bypass the login prompt when the computer starts. After you have completed this section press “Forward”.

You are now presented with an overview with what is going to happen. If you are happy with these details press “Install”.

After pressing install the installation will commence. The rest of the process is automatic and will take about 10 minutes.

After the installation is complete you will be presented with this screen. Press the “Restart Now” button and your computer will restart. During this process your installation CD will be ejected from the drive, remove the disc from the drive and press enter to confirm you have done so.

Installing the latest Ubuntu 8.10 updates

Installation is almost complete but there is one very important step before being able to use Ubuntu and that is to install all the required security updates.

First, make sure you have a working internet connection on your computer. Then, if you didn't select the “Log in automatically” earlier, log into your computer with the username and password you selected.

When the desktop has fully loaded click on the downward pointing red arrow at the top right of your screen.

That will bring up the Update Manager. This program will ensure you are running the latest updates on your system. First, click on the “Check” button to ensure you have all the latest updates in your update list. You will be asked for your password when you do this, type it in and press enter. Now press the “Install Updates” button.

You will now be presented with this progress meter and Ubuntu will now go and install all the latest updates available for your system.

When this is complete you will be asked to restart your computer, do this to complete the update procedure.


Your Ubuntu 8.10 system is now fully installed and up to date. For further guides in configuring certain parts of Ubuntu please view our Ubuntu Guides section.


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